VAR working properly makes the Scottish game more honest

Have we put pressure on our match officials to do their job properly? I certainly hope so…

One of the most surprising things from the game at Easter Road the other night apart from that we actually scored two spot kicks, was the very fact we actually got awarded two in the first place!

Penalty to theRangers has now been replaced by Penalty to Celtic, well in the eyes of theRangers support it has. Yes we have had more spot kicks this season and we have yet to concede one, but that’s not down to the dark arts, it’s just down to the officials doing their job properly.

VAR has been much scrutinised since its introduction and rightly so, but it’s also put pressure on officials to do their jobs properly and clear up any mistakes they might make, well most of the time anyway. One of those moments was on Wednesday night when we were awarded a late spot kick after VAR intervened on an illegal challenge on Kyogo in the penalty area.

The referee was given the chance to look at the challenge on the monitor and quite rightly awarded a spot kick. Bobby Madden, the former Scottish referee, explained on his Instagram account, exactly why both penalty calls at Easter Road were correctly awarded and we cover his remarks on The Celtic Star yesterday, so you can read here. It was the right decision, just as our first one earlier in the game was. Every single pundit and ex ref has since agreed so, for heaven’s sake, even Kris Boyd agreed!

But that’s not good enough in the eyes of the deluded supporters of the second Rangers. They are all crying corruption etc, ironically their own paranoia knows no bounds. Some are even saying the pressure put on officials by everyone connected to Celtic has swayed them in their thinking. To do their job properly? I sincerely hope it has. Let’s face it, if that’s the case it’s a long time overdue.

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  1. From a lifelong Celtic fan of :- 70+ years—-Celtic were rubbish and very , very lucky . They could not buy a goal , at the moment . As a supporter of “Long standing” , I have never seen this from a Celtic team —–3 shots at goal and 2 of them penalty-kicks .
    There is something seriously wrong at Celtic and the manager and the backroom staff haven’t a clue what it is ?
    In effect the manager and the backroom staff do not have a clue period and it’s seriously time for change before it is too late and we find -out the “Hard way” when the League / Scottish Cup and Europe are all gone .