Rip it up and start again, regardless of title destination

We need to rip it up and start again, regardless of the title destination…

Dermot Desmond is seen prior to the Celtic vs St Mirren Cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on May 20, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Things need to change at Celtic park, ie change in the boardroom, and it needs done pronto. Listen, it’s nowhere near as bad as the dark days of the Kelly dynasty in the early nineties. No one is suggesting that, as to do so would be total fabrication.

Back then we were in a dire financial mess and in real danger of going down the tubes. This time around we are in a healthy financial position, but have the same sort of self preserved leeches charged with the daily running of OUR wonderful football club.

You could say the present day rulers are like the Kellys and the Whites, but with more acute business acumen.

Yes they have us in a healthy position as a football club in the current landscape. The financial results off the park as well as the success on the park this past decade is testament to that, but they are just happy to stay static while at the same time very reluctant to take strides to move forward.

Dermot Desmond (L) and Chief Executive of Celtic Peter Lawwell look on prior to the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 first leg match between Celtic FC and FC Internazionale Milano at Celtic Park Stadium on February 19, 2015. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

Basically they are content to be just slightly better than the competition domestically and bank the riches that come with champions league qualification, the proverbial fat cats. They care not a jot about making a mark on the European front.

They have a zero lack of ambition, the big bonuses on offer are all they care about. It’s all about personal gain. They go against the ethos our wonderful football club stands for, everything we believe in and what we were created for.

If our majority shareholder Dermot Desmond loves the club as much as he proclaims he will listen to the supporters by making wholesale changes in the coming months to ensure our club makes moves to change for the better. Regardless if we retain our title or not.

Dermot Desmond

Those changes should see the removal of a few name plates from the boardroom, starting with our chairman Peter Lawwell. There should be new fresh faces headhunted and plans for a fan member to be placed on board.

Dermot should then turn his attention to the recruitment team and wield the axe on all of them. An entire clear out is needed as it’s obvious we need new blood in that area. They have been incompetent at their job for a while and in no other industry would their repetitive failures have been tolerated.

More importantly he needs to sit down with Brendan Rodgers ( if he’s still prepared to be around) and listen to his plans and back him with the necessary funds. Nothing extraordinary, but more than we currently make available. We have the right man in charge of the football side of things in Brendan Rodgers. if he’s backed with what he deserves, he will take us to the next level.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

If our majority shareholder makes these changes, then we can start to move forward as a football club. Desmond is a multi-billionaire, he didn’t get to that status without making ruthless decisions. For everything he’s done in his time at Celtic, his legacy is going to be written over the next few months. When supporters in years to come talk about him they will refer to what has to happen now and not whatever successes he reckons he’s achieved for the club previously.

It’s time for him to stand up for Celtic, if not it’s time he thought about selling his majority stake to someone with serious ambitions of making us the force we deserve to be.

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  1. Agree with some of your points but they are just as bad as the White’s and the Kelly’s no point in having millions in the bank if you’re not prepared to spend some of it because this team is dire let’s just be honest.

    • I’m surprised this was published, it looks like you said it before!!!!!!
      [That’s the message I get EVERY TIME I post my opinion]

  2. The reality of the situation is that the shareholders own the club and hoping for some divine intervention in the form of a sugar daddy taking over to save us is not going to happen. Celtic Trust have an ambitious plan for supporters to own and run the club. They currently have 170,000 shares that, they claim makes them the 8th largest shareholder.