Celtic’s second thoughts on Paulo Bernardo

If Bernardo is indeed on 20 odd grand a week, is he worthy of that investment?

Celtic v Dundee  Paulo Bernardo during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday September 16, 2023.Photo Andrew Milligan

The Paulo Bernardo transfer saga took another twist when it was revealed that the club are seemingly unwilling to meet his salary demands which is a reputed 20 odd grand a week, after tax.

Paulo is a talented player who has plenty of potential, but is it worth committing to that kind of high end salary considering he is still emerging as a ‘project’ player?

The figures mentioned mean that Paulo would be earning more than some of the first team regular players and that in turn could threaten player harmony.

It’s only natural after all, that you would feel put out in any walk of life if someone doing the same job as you is paid a lot more, and in Paulo’s case he hasn’t be seen so far as a first team regular starter so it would only naturally raise questions.

SL Benfica v SC Covilha – Allianz Cup Paulo Bernardo of SL Benfica during the Allianz Cup match between SL Benfica and SC Covilha at Estadio da Luz on December 15, 2021 in Lisbon, 

Then there’s the matter of the impending departure of Matt O’Riley. It’s only a matter of time before the club are confronted with an offer they can’t refuse for the Danish international and it’s doubtful that Paulo is the man to fill Matt’s boots.

Yes Paulo is a talented player, but it’s a step too far to ask him to replace Matt. The sort of salary Paulo is allegedly demanding could be put to better use as a top quality replacement for Matt.

Yes we want Paulo back at Celtic Park, but it’s extremely doubtful going by those salary demands.

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  1. Would you take a job for less wages than you’re on at present, I wouldn’t. This is lawwell economics and this window is going to be like most of our disappointing windows

  2. William Melvin on

    Ahhh,the old biscuit tin mentality lives on !
    Not only in the dinosaur Infested Celtic boardroom but on the blogosphere as well by the looks of it.
    It’s 2025 NOT 1925 and £20k after tax is not a huge salary these days.
    Let’s cast our minds back to the season before last when Matty Bhoy could hardly get a sniff of a run in the team because of a certain Aaron Mooey.
    So,if he goes to Madrid or elsewhere we probably have a guy who’s already bedded in with the talent to take over.
    But no,even although we are awash with the green folding stuff we refuse to pay for a ready replacement and continue to rummage around in the bargain basement bin.
    In answer to the dressing room upset his signing might cause……….Give the other established players a wage rise and look on it as kind of a bonus for bringing in the £60m Champions League money,plus a League and Cup double last season that sickened the huns.
    As Martin O’Neil said nearly 20 years ago “Celtic fans,get used to life in the slow lane!”
    It was ever thus with this shower of parasites and the Kelly’s and White’s before them.
    We Celtic supporters deserve every shovel of shite they throw on top of us because we still buy their 3 strips etc every season.
    There’s a Champions League package in area 406 for some lucky punter this season costing around £200 because they can ran it where no proctologist has ever ventured.
    A team for Europe,my arse !!!

  3. 20grand is not that much compared to players wages nower day I think he is worth the money for we know wott we are getting a good player simple

  4. patrick cullen on

    pay the money and get him in, get rid of the others who get as much if not more who are on our books NOW

  5. 20k wage for a fine young player (Portuguese u21 captain) who wants to play for us? Bite his hand off.

  6. I think this is just paper talk when Celtic took him on loan they put in a agreement to buy if loan “worked out so they knew how much the lad was on so it’s no shock. So what the papers report does not make sense if Rodgers wants him and if the fee is right for us we’ll buy him if not move on.

  7. I’m sure it will be we are in champions league even though is Celtic media say we penny pinch even though we have the biggest wage bill I’m spl and I’m sure there is big bucks for pool that’s in champions league and with the chance of a treble will be more win bonus I’m almost certain bernardo will line up in furst league game we definitely need a defensive midfielders that’s the engine room a no way those players should be ask to play 90 minutes in every game league cups and Europe so we need cover for every midfielder and good players not substitute first team players whole pool should be fighting fo position no one should be certain off a place in team I know there will be players but they have to think one bad game and they lost there stating line up